Teeterboard Acts

Teeterboard Acts for hire-Circus Entertainment AgencyIt looks like a playground see saw, but the Teeterboard Act or Korean Plank, as it is also known, is anything but child's play. The strongest of teeter boards are made of oak and are used to catapult fearless acrobats high into the air while they somersault, twist and fly. One of the most spectacular circus acts, the teeterboard act is performed by a minimum of two performers right up to large teeterboard groups. Our Circus Agency offers all styles of teeterboard acts from the traditional acts performed in the circus ring, to the contemporary take on the genre by small groups of two of three artists in theatrical productions, often including an element of comedy.

*Teeterboard artists for hire! If you would like to hire a group teeterboard act or Korean plank performer, please use the reference code in the video title when sending us a request email. The video materials presented below are only a small sample of the talent we represent.

Circus Teeterboard & Korean Plank Acts for hire!

  • j42TT-120411 Teeterboard Act presented by CGEAgency
  • y42TET-120606 Teeterboard Act presented by CGEAgency
  • y41TET-110909 Teeterboard Act presented by CGEAgency
  • v42TET-101222 Teeterboard presentd by CGEAgency
  • v21TET2_ko-110103 Korean Plank var.2 presented by CGEAgency
  • y42TET-120425 Teeterboard Act presented by CGEAgency
  • v21TET1_ko-110103 Korean Plank presented by CGEAgency
  • y42TET-111109 Teeterboard Act presented by CGEAgency
  • y42TET-120606 Teeterboard Act presented by CGEAgency
  • v31TET-100501 presented by CGEAgency
  • y41TET-120228 Comedy Teeterboard Act 'Brave Firefighters' presented by CGEAgency
  • j21TET-120327 Teeterboard Act Promo presented by CGEAgency
  • y32TET-120425 Teeterboard Act presented by CGEAgency
  • v42TET-101226 Group Teeter Board Acts presented by CGEAgency
  • v42TET-101203 presented by CGEA
  • v31TET-121130 Korean Plank Trio presented by CGEAgency
  • y32TET-120124 Springboard Act presented by CGEAgency
  • y41TET-120730 Teeterboard Act presented by CGEAgency
  • v42TET-131014 Teeterboard Act
  • v44TET-131022 Group Teeterboard Act
  • Teeterboard Duo v21TE140602

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