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Solo Dancers, Dance Adagio Duos & Dance Groups for hire!

Are you planning to create a Las Vegas style dance show? Looking to hire commercial dancers for live concerts, or music videos featuring hip-hop dance crews? Our dancers have experience working with pop/rock stars and world class DJ's, as well as taking part in TV dance competitions such as 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'Got to Dance'. We offer casting services for all kinds of dancers from all genres of dance including commercial, tap/step, ballet, Hip Hop, burlesque, musical theatre, belly dance, folk, street, latin, Zumba, podium, pole, and ballroom, as well as dance groups, adagio dance duos and Las Vegas style shows.

A Sample of Our Current Client Base


*If you would like to hire a dance show or individual dancers, please contact us and we will assist you with your request. The video materials presented below are only a small sample of the talent we represent.

Solo Dancers, Dance Adagio Duos & Dance Groups for hire!

  • v11DAN-131025 Robot Dance - Pop and Lock
  • v22DAN_b-131028 Ballroom Dancers
  • v42DAN_br-131105 Ballroom Dance Show
  • v11DAN1-131107 Dancer on Crutches
  • v31DAN-131111 Robot Dancers
  • v42DAN1-131111 Flash Mob - Showreel
  • j42DAN2-131022 LED and UV Dance Team Show Reel
  • v22AA_ad-130929 Adagio Duo
  • PR Show Ballet-presented by Circus Entertainment Agency
  • KB Dancers-presented by Circus Entertainment Agency
  • v41DAN-131114 UV-LED Hip Hop Dance Crew
  • v41DAN2-131114 LED Hip Hop Dance Crew
  • v41SHO-131114 3D Videomapping Dance Show
  • African Dancers v42DANaf140408

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