High Bar Circus Acts

 High Bar Circus Act-Circus AgencyThe origins of the circus high bar discipline come directly from the men's artistic gymnastics, an apparatus still competed today. The jump from sport to the circus world isn't surprising since high bar is often considered one of the most exciting gymnastics apparatus. The height of the bare combined with the powerful 'Giant' swings, spectacular aerial releases and dismounts give it the speed and danger elements, which make for a fantastic thrill circus act. The Circus Guide Entertainment Agency offers high quality high bar acts with anything from 1 to 8 performers in the group, and even acts including multiple high bas with varying heights.

*High Bar Acts for hire! If you would like to hire a high bar artists or circus show, please use the reference code in the video title when sending us a request email. The video materials presented below are only a small sample of the talent we represent.

High Bar Acts for hire!

  • v11HB_com-131014 Comedy High Barre Act
  • y41HB-110815 High Barre Act presented by CGEAgency
  • y41HB2-110815 High Barre Act presented by CGEAgency
  • v42HB-110617 High Barre presented by CGEAgency
  • y42HB-120507 High Barre Act presented by CGEAgency
  • v41HB-120337 High Barre Act presented by the Circus Guide Entertainment Agency
  • j41HB-111405 Three Level High Bar Act presented by CGEAgency
  • y41HB-120621 High Bar Act presented by CGEAgency
  • v42HB-190411 Barre Act presented by CGEA
  • v41HB-110706 High Barre Group present by CGEAgency
  • y42HB-120802 High Barre Act presented by CGEAgency
  • y31HB-120302 Highbars Trio presented by CGEAgency
  • Circus Guide Entertainment Agency presents: Igor's High Barre Act
  • v41HB2-110201 High Barre Act presented by CGEA
  • v42HB-131030 High Barre Circus Show
  • v31HB-131029 High Bar Circus Performers
  • v41HB-131101 High Bar Circus Act
  • v41HB1-131105 High bar Act
  • v41HB2-131105 3 Levels High barre Act

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